Glass Cylindrical Lens Blue Line Laser Module

The operation of blue line laser module is always very different from a common line drawing or
line printing. For the most important of all, laser line targeting has no strict limitation of
exact working distance, height or other surrounding working environment. The noncontact blue
laser line can easy reach any desired working surfaces, thus always making the most accurate
and precise line instruction for all industrial line alignment work.

The configuration of glass cylindrical lens can make blue line laser module get high
straightness and high brightness blue laser line on desired working surfaces. The laser line
projection is always convenient and easy. According to its configuration of wide laser lens
degree from 10 degree to 110 degree, this laser line generator can get different line length
and line width at different working distances.

Before users are requiring the most precise and accurate line projection, it is very important
for users to make accurate measurement of line length, line width, and then get proper
recommendation of laser lens degree and output power. This high power range blue line laser
module is able to fulfill bright line targeting in multiple working occasions. It is a very
nice recommendation for users to get long-term continuous line projection.

Technical data:
Name: Berlinlasers Blue Line Laser Module
Wavelength: 445nm
Output power: 50mW - 100mW
Laser Class: Class IIIa & IIIb
Laser Lens: Glass Cylindrical Lens
Laser lens degree: 10°-110°
Operation temperature: -15~45℃
Power Supply: DC input power supply
Operating voltage: 3V-4.2V
Serving lifetime: up 8,000 hours
Warranty period: 180 days

  blue laser   laser line generator   line laser module
Dernière modification : Vendredi 20 Novembre 2015

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