Green Laser Line Generator


When users are in need of the most precise line positioning at various working surfaces, green
laser line generator is always a very nice recommendation for users for all high tech work
fields. This advanced laser line alignment gets selectable wavelengths of 515nm, 520nm and
532nm. Comparing with other visible lasers, this green line laser gets the most sensitive color
green laser beam, thus making sure of the most visible green alignment laser line positioning
result for all lighting occasions.
The design of green laser line generator obeys industrial stabilization. In order to make sure
of its high stability green laser line targeting in continuous line aligning works, this green
laser module adopts larger size laser tubes of 16mm and 26mm, getting larger space reserved as
its metal heat sink cooling system and silicon gum filling with the laser module tube. In
various working environments, this line projecting laser alignment tool always gets superior
thermal conductivity, providing users high performance line alignment in all occasions
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers Green Laser Line Generator
Wavelength: 515nm, 520nm, 532nm
Output power: 5mW-100mW
Power source: 3V, 4.2V, 8.4V DC input power supply
Warranty period: 180 days
Serving lifetime: 8000 hours

Dernière modification : Jeudi 3 Mars 2016

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